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    Welcome to The Big Picture!

    Have you ever wanted to believe in Christianity but are turned off by religious TV or annoyed by a “born-again” Christian who just knows he’s going to heaven? Are you fed up with modern American Christianity which promises “health and wealth” to its followers?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re where I was at one time. I wanted to believe in Christ, but which church should I go to? They all disagree, who could I trust? A Christian friend would say, “Well, you have to go to a Bible-believing church!” But, even many of those churches don’t agree. That’s why there are new churches constantly forming. And, can the Bible even be trusted? I was so confused. And, it’s a sad but true fact that Christians often cloud the rationality of the Christian worldview.

    I wanted to believe in Christ, but I didn’t even know if I believed in God. Is it reasonable to believe in God in this modern world? Doesn’t science disprove God?

    I didn’t grow up with any religion at all and I was 24 years old before I even knew what Easter was about. I was a typical, modern American guy–into rock n’ roll, porn and just having a good time. My major goal in life was to be a rock star! (And I had the hair to prove it.) But ultimately it wasn’t enough. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I hear someone claim that all Christians have been “brain-washed from birth” to believe in God. I know that there are many people who were not “brainwashed” but came to accept it after studying the claims of Christianity with logic and an open, unbiased mind.

    As the title suggests, here I present the “Big Picture” of Christianity. Christianity often doesn’t make sense, if you take only the difficult issues, like the problem of evil, or the doctrine of hell, for instance, and focus only on them. But taken as a whole, it begins to look differently.

    So what I do, is put forth the evidence, the clues, as if building a court case for why it’s reasonable to believe—first, in God, then, in Christ as the One who came to reveal God to us mortals and lastly, the Catholic Church as the Church that Jesus founded and continues to be intimately involved with. There is an incredible continuity between these three. Many demand proof before they can believe, but there are others ways of knowing which are also valid. We will use deductive reasoning. Scientists, historians, and archaeologists use this type of ‘knowing’ all the time to arrive at certain conclusions. For instance, many dismiss the idea of spiritual evil, in the form of a devil or demons. However, when we look at all the evidence, not just one or two things, their existence becomes more difficult to dismiss.

    I am a very questioning person, a cynic by nature, so I understand the skeptic. And I think we can answer a lot of questions and see things in a different light. We will never be able to answer everything. There are many questions I will take to the grave. There will always be questions and difficulties. But I think that it’s reasonable and I believe that by looking at the Big Picture we can come to see it as trustworthy.

    Ideally, it should be read from the beginning because I build upon each topic, although they can also be read out of order. Some of the essays, like the ones on sex or suffering, are a little long so I broke them down into parts.

    So, all that remains is for you is to decide to enter into the Big Picture. Will you come along? If you will, go to the God section and read the first question about science and faith. Do you think only Christians use faith? Think again….